Canadian Olympic Team embraces Canada’s multiculturalism through sport

TORONTO- Yesterday evening, the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC), along with Canadian athletes, reached out to multicultural media at an event in Toronto to celebrate the importance of Canada’s cultural diversity as we move closer to the 2012 London Olympic Games.

“As a volleyball athlete I enjoy travelling around the world and meeting people of all backgrounds. I also enjoy learning different languages and as a proud Canadian, I am able to do that right at home in such a rich and diverse country,” said Canadian volleyball player Martin Reader.

“Growing up in a multicultural household in Montreal and Toronto, I enjoyed not only celebrating my own diverse background but also learning about other cultures at school and through my swimming team mates. Now, I am fluent in French and German and very proud to represent Canada on the world stage,” said Olympic swimmer Tobias Oriwol.

“As an athlete of Canadian-Greek background, I understand the importance that diversity plays in being Canadian and a Canadian athlete. When I compete in Pentathlon it’s a wonderful feeling to know that I have fans of all backgrounds back home in Canada cheering me on”, said Canadian Pentathlon athlete Donna Vakalis.

“Canada’s outstanding athletes demonstrate the great diversity we celebrate in Canada. It’s our goal to have as many Canadians as possible engaged in the performance, and the successes of our athletes”, said Canadian Olympic Committee CEO Chris Overholt.

“Sport is a common language spoken around the world. It brings us together and allows us to transcend cultural differences and understand each other. There is no better example of that unifying power than the Olympic Games”, added Overholt.

“We look forward to building strong, lasting and meaningful relationship with Canada’s multicultural media community which serves millions of viewers, readers and listeners from coast to coast to coast,” said Canadian Olympic Committee Executive Director of Communications Dimitri Soudas.

The XXX Olympic Games will take place in London, England from July 27th to August 12th, 2012.