Fencers ready for Olympic fight

MONTREAL – The 2012 Canadian Olympic Team grew by five more members today, as the fencers nominated to the team were announced at an event in downtown Montreal today.

Philippe Beaudry (Saber), Sandra Sassine (Saber), Étienne Lalonde-Turbide (Foil), Monica Peterson (Foil) and Sherraine Schalm (Epee) will represent the Maple Leaf in the London 2012 Fencing competition.

“Fencing has been passion of mine since I was a kid and it is trult a family affair,” said Sandra Sassine. “I had to wait until my last competition to earn my spot but now I can stand before you and say ‘Mission accomplished!’”

“I cannot believe that in less than one month, my teammates and i will actually be participating in the Olympic Games!” Philippe Beaudry. “We know the competition will be fierce, but we are ready to give them a good fight!”

“Our fencers have given their everything to represent Canada in London,” said 2012 Canadian Olympic Team Chef de Mission Mark Tewksbury. “Now that the Games are so close, Canadians can look forward to seeing them on the piste as they live out their Olympic dreams.”

“I am extremely proud of our athletes headed for the 2012 Olympic Games,” said Canadian Fencing Federation President and Chief Executive Officer Brad Goldie. “The athletes’ long hours in the training gym, years of lessons, thousands of miles travelling through foreign countries, and their tireless dedication to being the best has landed them on the greatest stage in sport. It is now their time to grab a hold of destiny and I, along with all Canadians, will be cheering them on to realize their dreams of Olympic glory.  All the best of luck and may the last touch be yours.”

“It is a great pleasure to welcome these five nominees to the ranks of the Canadian Olympic Team and I wish them all the best on the final road to London,” said Marcel Aubut, President of the Canadian Olympic Committee. “Their achievements in London will inspire a nation.”