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Kreek and co. to tackle ocean

Adam Kreek is no stranger to rowing after a 13 year career that included two Olympic Games appearances (2004, 2008), a gold medal with the men’s eight crew in Beijing, and more than 60 medals (43 of them being first place finishes).

Now in retirement, Kreek is getting ready to embark on a journey with OARNorthwest, a non-profit organization specializing in ocean adventure rowing and education, and in conjunction with the Canadian Wildlife Federation that will see him and a team row across the Atlantic Ocean — from Dakar, Senegal to Miami, Florida.

If completed, the team of Kreek, Markus Pukonen, Jordan Hanssen and Pat Flemming will establish a world record for rowers by covering 6,700-kilometres of the ocean with the hope of collecting data and inspiring young people to take up outdoor activities and experience the wonders of nature first hand.

“We will protect what we know and love,” said Kreek.

“Kids these days are bombarded with advertising and technology that encourages unhealthy, sedentary lifestyles. I aim to promote the opposite. Outdoor adventure is challenging and fun. Most importantly it’s available for any amateur to tackle.”

To prepare for the challenge, the OARNorthwest team successfully completed a three week training row around Vancouver Island in April of 2012. This upcoming expedition will be a lot more daunting with the rowers expected to burn 6,000-10,000 calories a day and no support following the crew.

The Africa to the Americas expedition will be a 100-day adventure aiming to launch on January 10th to raise awareness that 2013 is the United Nations International Year of Water Co-operation.

“My teammates and I will be collecting research data on human physiology and ocean biology, physics and chemistry along our voyage,” said Kreek.

“The data we collect will contribute to increasing our understanding of the planet, the human condition, and the relationship between the two.”

Founded in 2005, OARNorthwest connects with partners to propel youth, schools, community members and businesses to showcase the outdoors, marine habitat and healthy lifestyles.

The progress of the expedition can be followed at