Justina holds the Canadian flag above her head.Juan Carlos Guzman Negrini / Lima 2019
Juan Carlos Guzman Negrini / Lima 2019

Justina Di Stasio wins bronze at Tokyo 2020 test event

Canada’s Justina Di Stasio picked up 76 kg bronze at the Tokyo 2020 test event at Makuhari Messe Hall on Friday.

The 2018 world champion defeated Japan’s Naruha Matsuyuki 3-0 for the medal. Di Stasio won her first match against Rino Abe before losing to two-time world champion Zhou Qian of China.

Paliha Paliha won her match against Zhou to win gold while Ukrainian Romana Vovchak picked up the other bronze.

The test event featured five other countries: China, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, and the United States.

Justina Di Stasio wearing her gold medal.

Lima, Friday August 09, 2019 – Justina Di Stasio from Canada, gold medal winner in Women’s Freestyle 76 kg Wrestling Finals at the Villa Deportiva Regional del Callao during the Pan American Games Lima 2019. Copyright Juan Carlos Guzmán Negrini

Earlier this year, Di Stasio won gold at Lima 2019.

Also competing at the test event were Hannah Taylor and Jade Parsons.

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