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Creativity and expression in Next Gen skaters awarded through the 2023 Toller Cranston Awards

Canadian Olympic medalist and figure skater Toller Cranston was as much an artist as he was an athlete. Alongside his physical strength and technical skill at the highest level of competition, Cranston brought a freedom of expression and creativity to the sport of skating. 

Cranston’s legacy lives on today through the Toller Cranston Memorial Fund and the Toller Cranston Memorial Award, which provides financial support to young skaters who hold the same artistic qualities as the Olympian. 

Anthony Paradis, a Team Canada NextGen athlete and national junior three-time medalist, says the award will not only help him achieve his short and long-term goals as a skater, but it will also push him creatively.

“Creativity and artistry is a language to me, it’s a way to express myself without having to use words. On the other hand, I see artistry as a way to do things, it’s the way your body moves with the music, it’s the way you’re able to connect with the audience and create a moment,” Paradis said.

Similar to Cranston, Paradis hopes to one day be remembered for his creativity as a skater. 

“The top thing that I’m looking for in my skating career is for people to remember me for how creative, passionate and ambitious I am. I know that one day someone else will take my place, but I still hope that I’m going to be remembered for all my ideas and concepts I had.”

The fund was established in 2015 and 2023 marks the seventh group of award recipients.

The Canadian Olympic Foundation, along with Skate Canada, is proud to announce the 2023 Toller Cranston Memorial Fund Athlete Award winners:

Anthony ParadisJunior MenQC
Terry Yu Tao JinJunior MenON
David HowesNovice MenMB
Liam SchmidtNovice MenQC
Hetty ShiJunior WomenON
Lulu LinJunior WomenON
Lucille YangNovice WomenON
Martina Ariano-KentNovice WomenQC
Nadiia BashynskaJunior DanceON
Peter Beaumont
Victoria Carandiuc Novice DanceQC
Andrei Carandiuc    

The Toller Cranston Awards are funded entirely through donor generosity.

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