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The Dynamic and Ambitious Dave Blais Langlais

Dave Blais Langlais performed many twists and turns before venturing straight onto a snow-covered ramp. It is this rewarding and diverse experience that has made Dave the self-confident 23-year old that he is today. Training in Lac Beauport in the Quebec City region, the skier spent many years as a circus athlete mastering reverse flips on a trampoline. When he lost the coach he started out with, Dave was forced to coach himself until the day when one of his close friends, Alain Morin, suggested that he try the water ramp at the Centre national d’entraînement de ski acrobatique Yves La Roche. Not only did he become passionate about this discipline, but also about the team of enthusiasts with whom he learned to push his limits. He has been freestyle skiing for 4 years and had a successful 2013 season. Although he was not ready to tackle the Olympics in 2014, Dave is aiming for the 2018 Games and will not settle for anything less than a podium finish.


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This dynamic and ambitious young man has every reason to believe in himself, because his entourage includes a coach who he holds in high regard. He explains that his discipline is more about mental than physical readiness, and this is area in which he has developed in leaps and bounds. In addition to being properly mentored during training, Dave has the opportunity to rub shoulders on a regular basis with Nicolas Fontaine, the most decorated freestyle skier on the international circuit. He acknowledges that it is through the support of his entourage that he can continue to train and work toward a potential Olympic appearance. His discipline is one of the most expensive ones as far as amateur sports go and he has the opportunity to receive support from a company that believes in him and knows him personally for his involvement in coaching young trampolinists. That is how he received invaluable support from Gemitech, without which he could not have continued to compete internationally, not to mention the support he receives from Ryders as his supplier of equipment. The financial dimension of an amateur athlete is no longer a foreign concept to the freestyle skier who regards himself as his own agent, since he has mastered the art of filling out scholarship applications. Whether we like to admit it or not, this discipline is one that an athlete like Dave must practice in order to fulfill his dreams. One thing is certain; this complete athlete is doing everything possible to fulfil his goals.