Three women hockey player celebrating after a goalAP Photo/Jeff Roberson
AP Photo/Jeff Roberson

Meet the Team: A lightning round with women’s hockey

With Beijing 2022 upon us and our Team Canada athletes ready to compete for Olympic glory, here’s a chance to get to know a little more about the women’s hockey team.

We asked six players some rapid-fire questions about such things as which teammate they would nominate as the best (or worst) when it comes to TV recommendations, fashion sense, hugs, and more.

Check out their answers along with a few anecdotes:

The teammate who has the best TV recommendations:

Mélodie Daoust: “I would go maybe with Natalie Spooner because I like the way that she likes… we probably like a lot of the same things, like reality shows and stuff like that. But if I want to get out of my comfort zone, I think I would go to (Brianne) Jenner.

Jocelyn Larocque: “Oh man.  I’m already having a tough time. So I’ll say Micah (Zandee-Hart).”

Jill Saulnier: “I’d say Jenner.”

Brianne Jenner celebrates with teammates
Canada’s Brianne Jenner, centre, celebrates her goal with teammates during first period quarterfinal IIHF Women’s World Championship hockey action against Germany in Calgary, Saturday, Aug. 28, 2021.THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jeff McIntosh

Natalie Spooner: “I gotta think on this, but a lot of people have good recommendations. I’m gonna go with Laura Stacey.”

Marie-Philip Poulin: “I realize how good Emma Maltais is because I was, like, kind of low on my TV show recommendations and she recommended Imposters and I really enjoyed it.”

Ann-Renée Desbiens: “I don’t ask for a lot of TV recommendations, so that’s really difficult. I have to go with Renata Fast. She has some very, like, smart TV shows.”

The teammate who should always be in charge of the locker room music:

Daoust:Ratty. (Jamie Lee Rattray)”

Larocque: “I’ll say Rattray. She usually does and she does a pretty good job.”

Saulnier: “Jamie Lee.”

Spooner: “Oh Jamie Lee Rattray. She’s kind of in charge now, so. We will go with her.”

Poulin: “Oh, Rattray.”

Desbiens: “Jamie Lee Rattray.

The teammate who should never be in charge of the locker room music:

Daoust: “This girl – Me.”

Larocque: “Oh my goodness. I’ll say Emma (Maltais). I feel like she’d have some pretty wild music.”

Saulnier: “Oh, probably me honestly.”

Spooner: “Oh, uh, probably Sarah Fillier. It would all be rap.”

Poulin: “Emma.”

Desbiens:(Kristen) Campbell. No, we don’t want that. It would be very like aggressive music.

The teammate who has the best fashion taste or style:

Daoust: “Well, it depends. I think I would identify myself more as a style like (Marie-Philip) Poulin – we obviously, we’re best friends, so we dress the same way. But I really like (Sarah) Nurse’s style.”

Larocque: “I would say Sarah Nurse.”

Saulnier: “Ah, I would say Nurse.”

Spooner: “I’ll go – it’s Sarah Nurse.”

Poulin: “I would probably go with Sarah Nurse.”

Desbiens: “I would go (Emerance) Maschmeyer.”

The teammate who had the memorable gold medal celebration at the 2021 World Championship:

Spooner: “There’s a lot of them, but I mean you kind of have to go with Blayre (Turnbull) who jumped on the goalie and ended up breaking her ankle. But it was all worth it.”

Team Canada’s Melodie Daoust, right, helps Blayre Turnbull off the ice as they celebrate defeating the United States to win gold at the IIHF Women’s World Championship in Calgary, Tuesday, Aug. 31, 2021.THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jeff McIntosh

Daoust: Emma Maltais.

Larocque: Oh my goodness. I’d say Sarah Nurse again. Yeah, she had the cup pretty much the whole time we’re in the dressing room, just pouring it on everybody. It was quite funny.

Saulnier: The most memorable, Blayre.

Poulin: Blayre Turnbull coming on the ice.

Desbiens: “Memorable is definitely Blayre Turnbull. (Interviewer: “She jumped on you right? Is that what happened?” Desbiens: “Yeah, then I fell on her and she broke her leg. So I kind of broke her leg but nobody will really remember it’s me.”)

The teammate who gives the best hugs:

Daoust: “I’m a pretty good hugger, I would say.”

Larocque: “I’d say Mellow (Mélodie Doaust) as I’m looking at her.”

Saulnier: “(Natalie) Spooner.”

Spooner: “Oh, that’s a good one. I’ll go with Soupy – our goalie. Kristen Campbell our third goalie.”

Poulin: “Spooner.”

Desbiens: “I’m not a hugger. But I heard that Campbell is a good hugger.”

Melodie Daoust, third from left, of Canada, celebrates with her teammates after scoring a goal against the team from Russia during the second period of the preliminary round of the women’s hockey game at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Gangneung, South Korea, Sunday, Feb. 11, 2018. (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

The teammate that makes you laugh:

Daoust: “I would say, wow, there’s so many on our team. I think Emma Maltais is the one that makes me laugh.”

Larocque: “Oh my goodness. I’d say Maltais. She’s hilarious.”

Saulnier: “Kristen Campbell.”

Spooner: “Emma Maltais.”

Poulin: “Well, there’s a lot. I’ll go with Jillian Saulnier or Kristen Campbell.”

Desbiens: “Oh, Campbell – that’s an easy one. Oh, Emma Maltais is also pretty funny.”

The teammate you’d like to be when you grow up:

Daoust: “When I grow up? Poo.” (Marie-Philip Poulin)

Larocque: “That’s funny because I’m the second oldest. I’ll say Poulin.”

Saulnier: “Poo, Poulin. She’s the best.”

Spooner: “I think Claire Thompson. She’s so smart but I’d love to know what’s in her brain and what she’s thinking all the time because she is very smart.”

Poulin: “Oh there is a lot. I’ll go with Jillian Saulnier or Kristen Campbell.”

Desbiens: “I want to be Marie Philip-Poulin.”

Canada’s Marie-Philip Poulin celebrates her gold medal winning goal during overtime IIHF Women’s World Championship hockey action against the United States in Calgary, Tuesday, Aug. 31, 2021.THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jeff McIntosh