Fares Arfa pumps his fist in celebration Candice Ward/COC
Candice Ward/COC

Fares Arfa


• Has represented Canada at the senior international level since 2014
• Winner of three medals at the Pan American Championships in team sabre
• Has competed at four senior FIE World Championships
• 2014 Pan American Junior Champion in individual sabre

Notable International Results

FIE World Championships: 2018 – 43rd (sabre), 10th (team sabre); 2017 – 92nd (sabre), 14th (team sabre); 2015 – 74th (sabre), 13th (team sabre); 2014 – 81st (sabre), 17th (team sabre)

Pan American Championships: 2018 – SILVER (team sabre), 17th (sabre); 2017 – SILVER (team sabre), 12th (sabre); 2016 – 9th (sabre), 4th (team sabre); 2014 – SILVER (team sabre), 7th (sabre)