Pamela Birnd'Amour pumps her fist in celebration Leah Hennel/COC
Leah Hennel/COC

Pamela Brind’Amour


Pamela Brind’Amour’s career highlight is qualifying for the national team in 2013-14 and making her debut at the FIE World Championships that season. Brind’Amour is now competing in sabre as a senior, after switching from foil which she had done as a junior, highlighted by a silver medal at the 2013 Junior Pan American Championships. In 2015, she represented Canada at the Pan Am Games in Toronto, helping the sabre team to a fifth-place finish. Since then, she has represented Canada at three Pan American Championships and two World Championships. In 2016, she and the sabre team won bronze at the Pan American Championships.


Getting into the Sport: Started fencing at age 15 because her younger brother was a fencer and she wanted to try it… Outside Interests: Studying health sciences at Collège de Maisonneuve… Enjoys sleeping in the off-season… Odds and Ends: Favourite motto: « Limits like fears are often just an illusion »… Role model is Lebron James… Has a good luck t-shirt, bracelets, watch, chain, and nail polish colour… Always does her nails before competition… Nickname: Pam…

Palmarès international

Pan American Games: 2015 – 5th (team sabre)

Pan American Championships: 2018 – 19th (sabre), 4th (team sabre); 2017 – 13th (sabre), 4th (team sabre); 2016 – BRONZE (team sabre), 22nd 2014 – 36th (sabre)

FIE World Championships: 2018 – 90th (sabre), 12th (team sabre); 2017 – 90th (sabre), 15th (team sabre); 2015 – 85th (sabre), 17th (team sabre); 2014 – 81st (sabre)

Pan American Championships (junior): 2013 – SILVER (foil)