Three athletes training at home

Team Canada Athletes Train at Home

Athletes everywhere are dreaming of the day they can get back into the gym and start training with their teams.

But for now, they are getting creative and finding alternative ways to stay in shape. These Team Canada athletes are nothing shy of innovative as they train at home.

Annie Guglia (Skateboard)

With skateboarding being among the new Olympic sports at Tokyo 2020, Guglia has to be on her toes, literally and figuratively. Her “floor is lava” challenge is just one way she is keeping up with her training and having a bit of fun too.

You can have a go at designing your own skateboard and learning the first steps to riding one by clicking here.

Laurence Vincent Lapointe (Canoe Sprint)

A boat in some water is all that Vincent Lapointe needs to keep up with training. The canoer, with the help of her dad, was able to bring the lake to her backyard. The 11-time world champion has her eyes on Tokyo and won’t let anything get in the way.

Vincent Lapointe shows you don’t have to go far to get some training in. Learn the basics of canoe/kayak with some at-home activities by clicking here.

 Jennifer Abel (Diving)

Three-time Olympian Abel knows hard work pays off and there are no excuses, even if she can’t get to the pool. Having won bronze at London 2012 before a pair of fourth-place finishes at Rio 2016, might Abel’s at-home workout be just the thing to help her get back on the Olympic podium?

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Justine Dufour-Lapointe (Freestyle Skiing)

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On a « normal day », wednesday would be the Circuit Cardio day 🏃🏼‍♀️ Well… for me 😅 I’m having so much fun with TikTok lately sharing my workouts and getting involved with the new trends 🔥 Here’s a simple cardio workout you can do, no equipment needed. If you want to see more and get sweaty at home, go have a look at my TikTok page or swipe up my next IG story 😜 . Si c’était une journée « normale » hihi, aujourd’hui aurait été une journée de circuit cardio au gym! J’ai beaucoup de plaisir avec TikTok récemment! Je partage mes entraînements et j’essaie de suivre les tendances en le faisant!! Voici un petit entraînement simple que vous pourrez faire à la maison et sans équipement. Si vous voulez plus de contenu et suer un peu à la maison 😜, suivez-moi sur ma page TikTok ou swipez up lors de la prochaine story 💥 . . . . . #tiktok #tiktokworkout #homeworkout #instagood #explore #video #trending #exercise #cardio #fitnessaddict #strong #gymlife #instafit #getfit #fitnessmotivation #train #fitgirl #fitlife #fitspiration #body #active #determination #nopainnogain #gymtime #husky #huskylove #huskygram

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The slopes may be closed, and the Olympic Winter Games are still over a year away, but that won’t stop Dufour-Lapointe from training. Her daily workout routines are pretty impressive and we’re feeling stronger just watching them.

Like Dufour-Lapointe, just because there’s no snow anymore doesn’t mean you can’t be active. Check out some at home ski games you can do in your own backyard here.

Sean McColl (Sport Climbing)

McColl is setting the bar when it comes to push-ups. He may not be able to go bouldering at the moment, but he can test his grip strength at home with these impressive push-ups. McColl will make his Olympic debut in Tokyo where sport climbing will also be a new sport.

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Ted-Jan Bloemen (Long Track Speed Skating)

The grind never stops, even if there’s no ice in sight. After winning 10,000m gold and 5000m silver at PyeongChang 2018, ending Canada’s 86-year medal drought in those events, Bloemen’s training doesn’t stop. And it’s extra helpful to have a four-legged training partner cheering him on.

You can be like Bloemen and make your own Olympic oval in your own backyard. Check out how by clicking here.

Maggie MacNeil (Swimming)

Swimming isn’t just a summer sport, according to MacNeil, who chose to practice in the snow. While pools are closed, MacNeil shows that neither quarantine nor the weather will faze her on the road to Tokyo. The reigning world champion in the 100m butterfly is making do with what she has in her own backyard.

Just like MacNeil, if you don’t have an Olympic sized pool, that doesn’t mean training has to stop. Check here to see how you can have your own swimming relay at home.

Mike Plantinga (Beach Volleyball)

While some parents may complain about toys being everywhere, Plantinga found a new purpose for them. With gym equipment being sparse, the Lima 2019 Pan Am Games beach volleyball player got creative. And honestly, the innovation of a new ab-roller is pretty genius.

Like Plantinga, keeping up with practices are important. Use our training log to help you stay focused on and off the court.

Jess O’Connell (Athletics)

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The ol’ Sherwood 5030 is making another appearance in my garage workout! ⁣ ⁣ Rotation through the upper back (thoracic spine) is SO important for great running because it allows force and power to be transferred optimally through the body. My back is brutally stiff – and I bet yours is too, especially if you work a desk job! ⁣ ⁣ For this exercise: hold a dowel, hockey stick, broom , etc at belly button level. Move the dowel by rotating through the upper back, keeping your hips perfectly stationary (there will be a tendency for them to swing with you!) Once you’ve mastered this, add in a small back step, swinging the dowel the same way you would your arms in a running stride. ⁣ ⁣ This exercise is physically easy but mentally taxing. More work to be done for me!!

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Doing the little things add up to excellence. For O’Connell, simple exercises at home will benefit her on the track, and she’s doing it in the most Canadian way possible – with a hockey stick. The Rio 2016 Olympian knows the importance of not only her training on the track but the drills she can do at home too as she sets her eyes on Tokyo 2020.

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Stephanie Labbé (Soccer)

Juggling being an athlete and being quarantined is something Labbé has down pat. The goalkeeper has her eye on the ball while doing some hand-eye coordination drills at home. With the help of her partner, three-time Olympian Georgia Simmerling, the two do some fun drills to get them ready to go back to training.

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Gabrielle Daleman (Figure Skating)

Nothing holds back this Olympic gold medallist. The two-time Olympian figure skater shows that even though there may be no ice, you can still put the hard work in at home.

Challenge your friends to some ice dancing along with some tricks. You don’t have to go far to find some inspiration; click here for some fun ideas you can do off the ice.