Beijing 2022 Team Canada Qualification Tracker

Qualification for the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games is underway.

This page will help you keep track of the sports and events in which Canadian athletes will compete.

Please note that only Olympic quota spots which have been officially confirmed by the respective international federations will be included in the list below. Athlete names will be added as they earn nominations to those quota spots.


Blurry photo of two curlers sweeping

Event Gender Entries Athletes
Men’s Tournament Men 1 5

Cross-Country Skiing

Cross country skier skis in classical technique

Event Gender Entries Athletes
Men 4
Women 4

Figure Skating

Two figure skaters in a low to the ice move

Event Gender Entries Athletes
Singles Men 1* 1*
Singles Women 1 1
Pairs Mixed 2 4
Ice Dance Mixed 3 6

*Based on results from the 2021 ISU World Championships, Canada is eligible to earn a second entry in the men’s event at the Nebelhorn Trophy in September 2021

Ice Hockey

Overhead shot of Team Canada women's hockey players around the net

Event Gender Entries Athletes
Men’s Tournament Men 1 25
Women’s Tournament Women 1 23