Beijing 2022 Team Canada Qualification Tracker

Qualification for the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games is underway.

This page will help you keep track of the sports and events in which Canadian athletes will compete.

Please note that only Olympic quota spots which have been officially confirmed by the respective international federations will be included in the list below. Athlete names will be added as they earn nominations to those quota spots.

Alpine Skiing

Valerie Grenier competing at the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic games


Team Canada Emma Lunder PyeongChang 2018


Bobsleigh racing by PeyongChang sign in event
MonobobWomen2Christine De Bruin, Cynthia Appiah
Two-WomanWomen3Christine de Bruin (pilot), Kristen Bujnowski, Cynthia Appiah (pilot), Dawn Richardson Wilson, Melissa Lotholz (pilot), Sara Villani
Two-ManMen3Justin Kripps (pilot), Christopher Spring (pilot), Taylor Austin (pilot)
Four-ManMen3Justin Kripps (pilot), Ben Coakwell, Ryan Sommer, Cam Stones, Christopher Spring (pilot), Mike Evelyn, Sam Giguere, Cody Sorensen, Taylor Austin (pilot), Jay Dearborn, Chris Patrician, Daniel Sunderland


Blurry photo of two curlers sweeping
Men’s TournamentMen1Brad Gushue, Mark Nichols, Brett Gallant, Geoff Walker, Marc Kennedy
Women’s TournamentWomen1Jennifer Jones, Kaitlyn Lawes, Jocelyn Peterman, Dawn McEwen, Lisa Weagle
Mixed Doubles Mixed1Rachel Homan, John Morris

Cross-Country Skiing

Team Canada Dahria Beatty PyeongChang 2018

Figure Skating

Two figure skaters in a low to the ice move

Freestyle Skiing

Kingsbury skiing

Ice Hockey

Overhead shot of Team Canada women's hockey players around the net

Long Track Speed Skating

Team Canada PyeongChang 2018 Ted Jan Bloemen
500mWomen3Marsha Hudey, Brooklyn McDougall, Heather McLean
1000mWomen2Maddison Pearman, Alexa Scott
1500mWomen2Ivanie Blondin, Maddison Pearman
3000mWomen3Ivanie Blondin, Valérie Maltais, Isabelle Weidemann
5000mWomen2Ivanie Blondin, Isabelle Weidemann
Mass StartWomen2Ivanie Blondin, Valérie Maltais
Team PursuitWomen1Ivanie Blondin, Valérie Maltais, Alexa Scott, Isabelle Weidemann
500mMen2Laurent Dubreuil, Gilmore Junio
1000mMen3Laurent Dubreuil, Antoine Gélinas-Beaulieu, Connor Howe
1500mMen2Connor Howe, Tyson Langelaar
5000mMen1Ted-Jan Bloemen
10,000mMen2Ted-Jan Bloemen, Graeme Fish
Mass StartMen2Jordan Belchos, Antoine Gélinas-Beaulieu
Team PursuitMen1Jordan Belchos, Ted-Jan Bloemen, Connor Howe, Tyson Langelaar


Tristan Walker and Justin Snith compete in the men's Luge doubles
SinglesWomen3Natalie Corless, Trinity Ellis, Makena Hodgson
SinglesMen1Reid Watts
DoublesMixed1Justin Snith, Tristan Walker

Short Track Speed Skating

Team Canada Kim Boutin PyeongChang 2018
2000m RelayMixed1
5000m RelayMen1
MenPascal Dion, Steven Dubois, Charles Hamelin, Maxime Laoun, Jordan Pierre-Gilles
3000m RelayWomen1
WomenDanaé Blais, Kim Boutin, Florence Brunelle, Alyson Charles, Courtney Sarault


Skeleton athlete starting her run
WomenWomen2Jane Channell, Mirela Rahneva
MenMen1Blake Enzie

Ski Jumping

Ski jumper flies through air with Olympic rings in background on the snow
Individual Normal Hill Women2Alexandria Loutitt, Abigail Strate
Individual Normal Hill Men2Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes, Matthew Soukup
Individual Large HillMen2Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes, Matthew Soukup
TeamMixed1Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes, Alexandra Loutitt, Abigail Strate, Matthew Soukup


Team Canada Max Parrot PyeongChang 2018
Parallel Giant SlalomWomen1Megan Farrell
Parallel Giant SlalomMen1Arnaud Gaudet
HalfpipeWomen2Brooke D’Hondt, Elizabeth Hosking
Halfpipe Men1Derek Livingston
Snowboard CrossWomen4Zoe Bergermann, Tess Critchlow, Audrey McManiman, Meryeta O’Dine
Snowboard CrossMen3Eliot Grondin, Kevin Hill, Liam Moffatt
Slopestyle & Big AirWomen3Jasmine Baird, Laurie Blouin, Brooke Voigt
Slopestyle & Big Air Men4Mark McMorris, Max Parrot, Darcy Sharpe, Sébastien Toutant